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Trans boy


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Not my full list, but the ones I most identify as

Momosuke Oikawa (Aichuu/I-chu)

Subaru Akehoshi (Enstars)

Nazuna Nito (Enstars)

Elise (Fire Emblem)

Ethlyn (Fire Emblem)

Gracia (Samurai Warriors)

Kirino Ranmaru (Inazuma 11 Go)


My main interest is Aichuu/I-chu

POP N STAR P, LucasP, BaberP, and like 50000000 more other faves I have so many

I like to draw sometimes you can see my art posted on here.

I like food and flowers.

Sometimes I like to voice act

Honestly I love video games

I used to be really into Enstars but I don't play it anymore. Still like the game though

Sometimes I play love live. I love Chika.

I'm a huge simmer, but I don't post my sims stuff on here

I love dynasty warriors and samurai warriors

I have huge list of other stuff I like: Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons, Inazuma 11, Rpg maker games,Rune Factory and Pokemon are just a few